Coaching is a terrific way to get involved in the development and growth of Table Tennis. Our sport provides courses for a diverse range of accreditation levels to ensure that we will have a structured course to suit your coaching requirements, goals, and personal aspirations.

The National Table Tennis Coaching Scheme is coordinated through Table Tennis Queensland and Table Tennis Australia. We manage and coordinate several accreditation levels through which members can progress through. There are a variety of coaching qualifications available that focuses on all skill levels to guarantee we fulfill your needs and requirements.

We offer introductory courses that cover the basic skills required for Coaching Beginners, to coaching players at Clubs Level, right through to High-Performance Courses that are aimed at coaches looking to develop skills that will enable them to coach Elite Level Athletes.

Table Tennis Queensland manages and organises the Tops and Level 1 Coaching Courses as required throughout Queensland. All the higher-level courses are run by our National Sporting body, Table Tennis Australia in conjunction with Table Tennis Queensland.


Table Tennis Queensland conducts several Tops and Level 1 Coaching Courses throughout the year for our Queensland Members.

For the next confirmed scheduled Coaching Course dates please check our Upcoming Course Calendar link or alternatively please ensure to email the TTQ office to register your interest for the next available Coaching Course.

Want a hold a Coaching Course at your Local Club - If your local club has several people (minimum of 6 participants required) interested in becoming a coach, please don't hesitate to contact the TTQ office to discuss the opportunity of holding a course at the club.


To be recognised as an Accredited Coach by our Sport, all coaches will need to complete the appropriate coaching course and accreditation certificate requirements. You will be required to be a current Table Tennis Queensland Member and ensure you are a current Queensland Blue Card holder. 

If you are interested in becoming a qualified coach, completing a coaching reaccreditation, or upgrading your current coaching accreditation, then please click on the links below for all the latest information regarding the various coaching qualifications and accreditation requirements.



To register for accreditation, you will be required to be a current Table Tennis Queensland Member and ensure you are a current Queensland Blue Card holder. It is essential that these prerequisites always remain current during the extent of your Accreditation to preserve your certificate's validity. Accreditations will need to be updated prior to the expiry date to maintain your Accreditation Certificate.

To register or re-register your Accreditation, please ensure to complete all requirements that are a necessity for all Queensland Coaches prior to processing. Once you have completed these prerequisites indicated in the above links, then you can proceed to submit your application for processing through Table Tennis Australia.


For more information, please contact the office of Table Tennis Queensland