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How to Become a Coach

Table Tennis Queensland conducts Tops and Level 1 Coaching Courses throughout the year and the next scheduled course dates are available on the TTQ Tournament Calendar. Alternatively if a course is not currently scheduled on our calendar then please contact the Table Tennis Queensland office to register your interest in the next available course.

Table Tennis Australia organises Level 2 and Level 3 Coaching Courses as required. For more information please visit their website or please contact TTQ for assistance.

In order to be recognised as an accredited coach through Table Tennis Queensland and Table Tennis Australia all coaches must complete the appropriate coaching course, practical requirements and the accompanying paperwork for the appropriate accreditation level including all essential requirements indicated below.

Coaching Accreditation Essential Prerequisites

It is an important and essential requirement that individuals hold a Current Queensland Blue Card and a Current Table Tennis Queensland Membership prior to applying for any accreditation. It is the individuals responsibility to ensure these essential prerequisites remain current at all times to guarantee your accreditation status is valid at all times.

If either of these essential prerequisites expire prior to your accreditation expiration date, please be advised that your accreditation is then deemed invalid.

Accreditations have a three year expiry date (considering the above mentioned conditions) and will need to be updated or upgraded prior to your accreditations expiration date to maintain your qualification.

Coaching Accreditation Forms and Re-Accreditation Forms

To view and download all of the relevant Coaching Accreditation Forms please click on the Table Tennis Australia link provided below.

To view and download all of the required Coaching Re-Accreditation Forms please click on the Table Tennis Australia link provided below.

Coaching Accreditation Prerequisites and Requirements

Then once you have completed all of your Coaching Accreditation Prerequisites and to register your accreditation please ensure to submit all of the completed requirements listed below to Table Tennis Australia.

  • Current Blue Card Details
  • Current Table Tennis Membership
  • Personal Details Form
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Accreditation Activity Sheet
  • Application for Required Accreditation
  • Payment of $30.00 direct to Table Tennis Australia as TTA will invoice you directly for payment
  • Important to note that all of these requirements noted above are essential for all Queensland accreditations prior to submission and processing
  • Once you have completed All of the requirements indicated above then email your application to Table Tennis Australia for processing
  • Table Tennis Australia will seek approval direclty from the Table Tennis Queensland's State Coaching Director prior to processing
  • Accreditations may take several weeks to process but once finalise you will receive your accreditation certification direct from Table Tennis Australia