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Table Tennis Queensland is responsible for providing leadership for all stakeholders in the promotion, development and administration of Table Tennis in Queensland. Table Tennis Queensland's broad goals are to:

  1. Communicate and consult with affiliated and non-affiliated clubs to improve its relevance and effectiveness
  2. Develop and follow a best practice model of governance
  3. Develop consistent systems, policies and procedures in all areas of work
  4. Employ experienced, competent and enthusiastic staff
  5. Improve communication, relevance and leverage with clubs, individual members, potential members, TTA and other states and the general public
  6.  Develop the sport by improving the standard of education delivery to clubs, coaches and officials, the standard of  players and TTQ resources
  7. Increase participation by juniors, particularly females, and retain the number of youth players

Contact Details

2.06 Sports House, 150 Caxton Street, Milton QLD 4064
07 3217 5579
07 3217 5648
Admin Email:
Executive Email:

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