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The Table Tennis Queensland Team are working together to ensure our clubs, players and members keep active and stay connected. Our High Performance team are promoting the importance of Training At Home by keeping active both physically and psychologically. The team have developed some practice techniques and suggestions to keep you moving and engaged whilst we all are at home.

Table Tennis Queensland and our High Performance Committee are currently organising video link meetings with our Clubs and Coaches to discuss, develop and initiate interesting ways for us all to be together and stay together during this unusal time when we need to keep apart.

TTQ High Preformance Committee Update

Training By Yourself At Home Techniques

Distance Training Network Home Plan Week 1

Distance Training Network Home Plan Week 2

Distance Training Network Home Plan Week 3

Distrance Training Network Home Plan Week 4

Distance Training Network Home Plan Week 5

Distance Training Network Home Plan Week 6

For more Table Tennis Online Training Techniques please see links below.

Our Table Tennis communites are providing some new and exciting ways for you to train and pratice from your home.

Join in and try some of the new and innovative ideas from our peak bodies.

Table Tennis Australia Click Here 

Table Tennis Australia has specially designed a free Classroom and Home Table Tennis guide with fun exercises for children to engage in physical activity while at home or in the classroom. You will also have free access to more activities, videos and training tips from Ping Skills. 

International Table Tennis Federation Click Here

The International Table Tennis Federation has a variety of interesting and helpful information ranging from Educational videos, Knowledge base, Spin and Skills, Hopes Program, Expert’s Corner, Mentorship Program for Coaches to name a few. There are many more interesting Programs and Training available to keep you mentally and physically active.


About Table Tennis QLD

The Queensland Government provides ongoing funding to Table Tennis Queensland to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.

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